Speculative Applications.

Guanxi helps its customers to generate high performance by exploiting the immense potential of digital.

We are looking for people with excellent academic background, with professional relevant experience and with a high potential.

Problem Solving

Our customers are looking for solutions. We are called to help our clients solve problems, understand the needs, analyze opportunities, check the competitive advantages and provide strategic, practical and objective solutions. Our efforts are focused on developing useful ideas. Our target is the final customer, not the top managers of client companies. We expect you to have intellectual ability and practical way to understand how to solve the problems of complex organizations, to structure the best practices for organization and operation of our customers.

Focus on results

Digital is the new world. To be understood is crucial to produce specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, durable results. Every idea, every proposal, every activity must be planned strategically, tactically and operationally. Orientate yourself to the performance means also simply to be honest. This requires exceptional energy of realization, determination, judgment and respect its commitments.


The digital consultant requires a change of paradigm. There is no exact strategy, a perfect idea. We understand that our customer has the knowledge of the product / service and the target market. Our goal is to support the manager in the daily decisions by providing all the available online tools of analysis and action, in order to transfer effective strategy offline to the online world. To do that you need to build a partnership based on trust, respect and availability. You must have excellent leadership skills to lead people to achieve positive change in the organizations.

Skills and Entrepreneurship

In a context of rapidly changing markets at global level, it is essential to become successful that the organization fosters motivation and entrepreneurial spirit of its resources and enable it to compete in the new environment by providing them with the right tools from a right information and training. The goal is to support companies by providing knowledge of the state of the art and the right perspective on the possibilities offered by digital tools to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of processes.
We are aware that only by transferring skills we will achieve change. To explore new areas, to study new markets, to allow the structure to operate effectively following the strategic business, to explore the different ways to structure a digital strategy, to promote new approaches to the market based on the creation of value for the customer, to support the business including access to new geographic markets.

Who are we looking for?

You can apply if:

  • you graduated in the last 24 months (only Master) in scientific and technical disciplines (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science).
  • you have at least 5 years of experience in digital world.
  • you worked at least two years in a strategic consulting company.

Send your CV

Before you submit your application

  • Prepare all the necessary information: curriculum vitae, list of exams with grades (compulsory for undergraduates and graduates from less than 2 years), any test results (GMAT, TOEFL, GRE …)
  • Write a short cover letter indicating position where you want to apply or your aspirations, based on your academic background and your professional experience.
  • Specific exams of Marketing Advertising incurred (Google Partner, Facebook ads, ect).

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