Customers want to develop the idea of online business, using the same processes and models of offline business.
They consider online activities an additional service, correlated, external to the core business strategy. They risk losing opportunities and underestimating the primary objective of the company.

“Being Digital” for companies not only means having a website or making an advertising campaign on social media; companies must learn to earn from the world of the web, structuring business models integrated with the new emerging opportunities.

The Digital can not be just an idea, but it must be strategically placed in the business plan of the company, must be contextualized in industry and market, and integrated in the processes.

Guanxi adopts an analytical, strategic and innovative approach, which is goal-oriented to help all kind of organizations to achieve tangible and measurable results using strategically internet.
Moreover, we aim to create an international network for the sharing of best practices and opportunities.


  • To understand and to meet the challenges introduced by the advent of digital
  • To provide the main means to understand and to elaborate digital business models and to make their business flourish
  • To acquire the basic tools to trigger and to support innovation in their organization
  • To define and to implement digital strategies for success related to their business
  • Digital thinking
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