Our customers approach us when they need to make strategic and operating decisions, crucial to their business growth by addressing the digital world.



We offer strategic consulting services to implement innovative business model within the digital or to support the traditional business model with digital components and new tools.


Problem Solving

We adopt a structured approach to “problem solving”, taking account of all the views and alternatives, analyzing in depth the business model and the market, before proposing our offer.


Process design

We consider the most recent innovations, because our customers need new ideas, but we rely on solid experience.


Data driven

We test any solution, because the web is measurable.


Know How

We transfer skills necessary to understand, select, manage and control processes, to our customers.

The digital strategy

The digital strategy fits in the fields of strategic management, marketing strategy and business strategy.
The digital strategy orients the action of the management and the entire company by defining vision, mission and value with the aim of transforming the business model, projecting the organization in the future.
Structuring business processes by defining the objectives, the target to which it is addressed, the needs addressed, the resources on which to rely, the risks, the challenges and the opportunities, the tools that we are using and implementing the assets necessary to maximize online benefits of digital and the results of the organization.

To achieve a correct and complete digital strategy is necessary to change the paradigm, to reconsider the traditional business model, focusing on the customer, adapting the processes of the organization: marketing, sales, customer intelligence, collaboration, development of new products / services, exploration of new markets , customer service, innovation, governance.

We use an analytical approach, starting with an assessment phase, defining the target audience and objectives. We develop a range of activities in distinct phases of priority.

To identify opportunities and challenges of the business

Analyze business processes, from marketing to sales, from operations to services, in order to understand the company’s business strategy, challenges, risks, opportunities, products, services, supply chain, vendors, distribution, customer, market, in order to define the potential and role of online activities in the organization. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors online in order to achieve a quantitative and qualitative benchmark of the strategy, assets and potential. The analysis also has the purpose of evaluating:

  • online presence
  • the influence of the brand / message
  • the perception of the brand / message online
  • the ability to be viral, participatory, social
  • the reaction of the target customer activities online
To identify the needs and the expected results from clients

To identify the needs, online behavior, the results expected by customers of the organization in order to define the reference online target. Analysis activities include Web analytics, funnel analysis, analytical CRM, multichannel analysis, statistical analysis.

To develop a range of online activities in distinct phases by priority

To realize the business plan of online operations, with a range of initiatives modulated according to the relevances obtained in the analysis phase. Definition of investment, of Key Performance Indicators. We will perform Technical Assessment, Process Assessment, Online media plan, Measurement plan, governance model and the RoadMap interventions.

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