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Guanxi is, in Chinese society, a system of very deep connections, a web of social and economic relations, in an interpersonal network that is formed since the school years (in fact, parents choose the school where the child will be able to fit into a social group on which establish their footholds in adulthood).

Guanxi is therefore a network of contacts (which is formed in a long time frame) at which an individual can refer when they need; for example, to speed up bureaucratic practices, to get important information or to fulfill other favors. Not necessarily the guanxi must be directed, but you can achieve a goal through guanxi others.

Guanxi: Source Wikipedia



“connections” and “relationships”

We believe that it’s people, in any organization, that make the difference.

The goal is to create a collaborative long-term network, based on shared interests and common objectives. We work in the sector where every idea can be materialized and become a new business, where everything is possible. We do not give anything for guaranteed and we are ready to surprise us.


Digital is like… the stone

The distracted person has tripped.
That violent, he used it as a projectile.
The entrepreneur has used it to build.
The tired farmer as chair.
For children it is a toy.
David slew Goliath and
Michelangelo made it the most beautiful sculpture.
In any case, the stone
has not made the difference, but the man.
There is no stone in your way that you can not
exploit for your own growth.

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