Guanxi supports companies in understanding the needs, in evaluating opportunities, in defining tools and in leading the transformation of traditional business models taking the competitive advantage of digital.


If you are a new start-up or a historical company, today you can not help but be quick, present and localizable. Companies know that to be successful in the digital world is not enough to implement new technologies to old products, services, processes. It’s essential to develop a clear vision that will drive your business to the future.
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We support companies, brands and teams to structure their strategy by providing knowledge of the state of the art and the right view on the prospects and opportunities offered by digital. The digital strategy must be consistent and in line with the offline marketing strategy and it must represent its core during the planning phase.
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Our role is to provide the skills and the knowledges that will enable the managers, with which we work, to make decisions based on relevant and updated information, accurate analysis, a consistent digital know-how based on years of experience serving the traditional business models and internet-native start-up.

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